Life Groups

Life Groups are where the life of the Church happens!

And beginning October 4th, LifeGroups will be happening on-campus and online!

We've missed gathering together on-campus for LifeGroups and we are ready to be back.  We've adjusted our schedules, we've adjusted our spaces, and we've adjusted our plans to be able to gather together on-campus. 

Click the listings below to find which groups are meeting, where they are meeting, and when they are meting, then make plans to join us Sunday, October 4th!

Not comfortable coming for large group gatherings? That is MORE THAN OKAY!  We will have online options for you to gather with the groups that are gathering on-campus! 

Life Groups for Every Age and Stage of Life 

You can choose a Life Group based on your life stage, family situation, or friends that you already know. To find the Life Group that's right for you, or to find when and where your current Lifegroup will be meeting, click on one of the buttons below. 

Remember - On-campus LifeGroups will be offering an online platform for you to join.  Be sure to look closely at each LifeGroup for how you can connect online with them while they are gathering on-campus.

Preschool KidsStudentsAdults


We have some groups that will continue to meet online only.  If you don't see your current LifeGroup listed above, or if this option sounds like something that is a better fit for you, check out the link below!

Online Only Groups


Helpful Links

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