The Shelter Initiative at Broadmoor is a vision birthed from a faithful calling on those involved in the Shelter Ministry (formerly Orphan Care Ministry) and a compelling charge by our Lead Pastor to run to the hurting by responding to the post-abortion culture with the overturning of Roe v. Wade in 2022. Through this initiative, we are focusing on four key areas to meet needs.

A) Those involved in Adoption.
B) Those involved in Foster Care.
C) Those impacted by unexpected pregnancies.
D) Those that have been impacted by abortion in their past.

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Through this initiative, we have a one-year goal to see the following occur in the family of faith at Broadmoor.

1 Broadmoor affiliated support group for those impacted by abortion
10 members trained in trauma response to help those who are hurting
20 members in the adoption process
100 members certified to foster children in Mississippi
1,000 members supporting those impacted by foster care, adoption, unplanned pregnancies, and abortion. *

As we begin this initiative, we are asking for every Broadmoor member to do three things:

1. PRAY for the Lord to give each of us a heart to live generously and run to the hurting.

2. LEARN more about the need by attending upcoming training sessions. We will have updates on any future meetings and sessions.

3. We ask you to GIVE to the Ministry Budget and this special offering will help us meet our goals and be poised to respond as God opens doors.
Because we want this to be a part of the DNA of our church, we will prioritize this as part of our ministry budget moving forward. We have over $40,000 as seed money to begin to fund this initiative and will annually have a special offering on Mother’s Day to supply additional resources towards the Shelter Ministry and the Initiative.

To find out more about the Shelter Ministry or get more information about the ways you can be involved in the Shelter Initiative, you can text the word SHELTER to 32373 to receive emails to learn how you can make an impact.

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Below are just a few of the ways you can support those impacted by foster care, adoption, unplanned pregnancies, and abortion.

– meals – clothing – supplies – respite care for those fostering – transportation – welcome boxes for those fostering or adopting – Parties for group homes and foster families

Lead – A support group – A life skills class – A parenting class – Through the Shelter Ministry

Pray For – children in the foster care system – children in the adoption process – parents involved in foster care or adoption – women experiencing unexpected pregnancies – agencies providing pregnancy counseling – agencies providing foster care and adoption services – women and men impacted by abortion

Volunteer – At the Center for Pregnancy Choices – At a group home – At a foster care or adoption – As a mentor – As a tutor