Rolling Fork Tornado Relief

Currently in Rolling Fork, Samaritan’s Purse is on the ground and working with 100+ volunteers daily. They are tarping roofs, cutting downed trees, and sifting through debris, looking for whatever is salvageable. Broadmoor has committed to providing 600 bags a day for these volunteers. We need your help!
Please drop off any of the following items at the lobby of the Game Room in the ROC.  Make sure to look for the “Disaster Relief Snack Bags” sign. We are packing each snack bag with one of each of the individual items, so please don’t send too many of one item.

  • Nabs (crackers)
  • Peanuts in individual bags
  • Protein bars
  • Fruit


Additionally, come serve at a sorting and distribution location for Samaritans Purse in Rolling Fork. For more details or to sign up, click HERE.

If you have any tornado relief donations, please bring them to the ROC/Gym lobby. In addition, you can continue to give financially by visiting the Give page and selecting Disaster Relief Fund.

Other Ways to Get Involved


Spend time each day this week praying for those whose lives have been rocked by the storms. Pray for peaceful resolve, resources to rebuild, and health to be restored or maintained. Also, pray for those responding to the needs. Law enforcement officers, fire and rescue personnel, and utility workers are working long hours under challenging conditions. Pray for their safety and clarity of mind as they attempt to restore communities. 


Maybe you would prefer to give financially. Please visit Broadmoor’s Give page and select Disaster Relief Support in the giving form to have your gift above your regular tithes given to disaster relief.