Deacons at Broadmoor aim to serve, unify, and lead the church. Each of these men exhibits the Biblical requirements of a deacon found in 1 Timothy and desire to lead their lives in a way that models Mark 10:45 servant leadership. 

2023 Ordained Deacons

Bruce Brady

Spouse: Melinda

Member: 2 years

Chad Golden

Spouse: Karen

Member: 4 years

Scott Hollingsworth

Spouse: Cindy

Member: 22 years

Marcus Landfair

Spouse: Treona

Member: 5 years

Carson Lyon

Spouse: Morgan

Member: 10 years

Mike McGuffey

Spouse: Annice

Member: 25 years

Jeff Miley

Spouse: Pam

Member: 15 years

Brad Stubblefield

Spouse: Kristan

Member: 1 year

Jim Watson

Spouse: Vicki

Member: 40 years

Eric Williamson

Spouse: Leah

Member: 1 year