Journey Together in Prayer. Join the Broadmoor family in the Week of Prayer, March 20-27. Focus on spiritual growth through corporate and at-home prayer as we approach Easter.

Week of Prayer Schedule

Wednesday, March 20


6:15pm | the Venue

Thursday, March 21

Pray for individual conviction

Friday, March 22

Pray for individual repentence

Saturday, March 23

Pray for a spirit of conviction and repentance in my home

Sunday, March 24

Lord’s Supper Prayer Gathering
6:00pm | Worship Center

Register for Childcare

Monday, March 25

Pray for your neighbors

Tuesday, March 26

Pray for my workplace/school

Wednesday, March 27

Pray for my community

6:15pm | the Venue

Join us for a deeper focus on prayer as we prayer walk not only Broadmoor but also our homes, neighborhoods, businesses and community. 

Daily Prayer Prompts

“For everyone who calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.” Romans 10:13

Think of your larger community where you live and pray.

• Pray praising God for His unconditional love, mercy, and grace in Christ Jesus. 

• Thank you, Jesus, for sending the Holy Spirit to give us Your power.   

• Pray for power to see, hear, and feel the needs of those in our community who need a relationship with You.   

• Pray asking God to help us to see the darkness in our communities.   

• Pray asking God to bring light to our communities.

• Pray asking God to allow His light be reflected in our hearts.