The Leap

The Leap in an intentional celebration for 5th graders as they transition to the 6th grade. During one of the most significant transition moments in life, the church comes alongside parents and students to help them follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus and join Him in His mission to make disciples. This milestone is one of many that families will encounter as their students grows and matures through their pre-teen and teenage years.

July 28 - 31, 2020
Cost: $350

Location: The Beach Club • Fort Morgan, AL

This Summer we are taking our 5thgraders on a special trip as we celebrate their transition to middle school. July 28-31, 2020 we will be headed to The Beach Club in Fort Morgan, AL. During these few days away we will spend some time talking about what it means to follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus and join Jesus in his mission to make disciples. We will also spend some time doing some team building activities and use those moments to talk about the importance of surrounding yourself with people that are going to build you up and push you to be more like Jesus. Your child will be in a small group during the week and they will spend time in these groups after each session to discuss the topic on a deeper level and ask questions. 

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