The Road Ahead

On Sunday, September 23, 2018, we celebrated Pastor Rob and his family for their 15 years of faithful service to Broadmoor, and we honored them as they decided to take their next steps of obedience in allowing God to lead them in their next phase of life outside of Broadmoor. Their devotion to this church and their courageous obedience toward God’s vision for their future are powerful examples for us to follow as God leads us forward. Rob, Kimandria, Trea, Ridge and Rivers have been a tremendous gift to this church family. We are grateful for them and how God continues to direct their steps as they pursue a new path.

So, what does the road ahead look like for Broadmoor?

In many ways, this question has already been answered by God in His Word. God has commissioned each of us to go and make disciples of all nations. He has commanded us to love Him and love others. Regardless of the season, the mission of the Church remains firm: loved by our heavenly Father, we must unswervingly commit to love God, love people, and be used to change the world around us.

So how do we fulfill this purpose in the midst of change?

The best way to answer this question is WE NOT ME. Unity in the Body and our desire to align our hearts with God’s is essential as we pursue God’s vision for Broadmoor. It’s just that simple. For some of you, that is all you need to move forward, while others are wired with the need to know more practical day-to-day information. And that is okay. We’ve set up this page on website that we hope will provide you with as much clarity as we have thus far. You can expect to find information about our preaching schedule as well as current information on the selection process as we have it updates.  Additionally, we have set up for anyone who would like to ask a question that may not be answered on this website.

We are reminded of the wonderful reality that God is sovereign and in control. He is the Rock on which we stand. During this time, we must remember as long as we remain in Him, He will remain in us. As we expectantly and excitedly walk this road ahead, we want to encourage you to keep your eyes on Him and His promises, and find intentional ways to make this journey about We Not Me.


It is a delight to announce Dr. Jim Shaddix as interim pastor starting January 13, 2019. In addition to serving as Broadmoor’s interim pastor in 1998, he has pastored churches in Texas, Mississippi, Louisiana, and Colorado, and served as dean of the chapel and professor of preaching at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary in New Orleans, Louisiana.  

Currently, Jim serves as professor of preaching at Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary in Wake Forest, North Carolina, occupying the W. A. Criswell Chair of Expository Preaching. Jim is the coordinator of Southeastern’s EQUIP Network, which partners with churches and other ministry organizations providing practical theological education through mentored internships and fieldbased instruction.

Jim and his wife, Debra, have a passion for discipling / mentoring young leaders and spouses. They have three adult children and four grandchildren. 


Lead Pastor Candidates

Broadmoor Baptist Church is seeking a Godly man who will be responsible for leading, preaching and teaching a Christ-centered, Gospel-focused church with strict adherence to Biblical principles. The Lead Pastor also sets the spiritual and strategic direction for the church, equipping the Executive Pastors to ensure the direction is woven through all levels of the organization to create a healthy and missionally aligned culture.

If you would like more information please click HERE.

If you have questions or would like to speak directly to a member of the Lead Pastor Search Team, please email

What will Dr. Shaddix be Preaching?

In his first sermon, Dr. Shaddix mentioned that is was not a building, a worship style, or a staff member that unifies a church, but rather hearing the voice of God that establishes unity in the body. Recognizing our need as believers to hear the voice of God, Dr. Shaddix will be preaching alongside Broadmoor's Bible Reading plan. To access a copy of our Bible Reading plan, click HERE.

What Steps Have Been Taken in the Search Process?

For us to understand what type of Lead Pastor Broadmoor needs, we must first fully understand who Broadmoor is and who the Holy Spirit is leading us to become. There are significant things that have taken place in this process of discovery.

November 2018 | Began work with Dr. Ewart (Consultant) & Church Family nominated candidates for Lead Pastor Search Team (LPST)

December 2018 | Collaborative prayer/Work by Personnel Team and Church Council to slate members for LPST from nominations received

January 2019 | Church Health Survey completed by sample of Church Family/Dr. Shaddix starts as interim

February 2019 | Church Family unanimously affirms LPST

March 2019 | Dr. Ewart completes initial visit and meets with leadership teams/LPST began initial tranining with Dr. Ewart and began bi-weekly meetings 

April 2019 | Dr. Ewart’s team conducted phone interviews and gathered additional information/LPST continued bi-weekly meetings and developed Stop and Pray Journals to encourage Church Family to pray continuously together

May 2019 | Initial findings and recommended steps shared with ministerial staff and Church Council/LPST continued bi-weekly meetings and met with Dr. Ewart for further training

June 2019 | Ministerial Staff and Church Council working together on next steps/LPST prepared candidate, congregation, and community profiles for candidates

July 2019 | LPST began preliminary review of resumes


To see the Lead Pastor Search Team click HERE.

What Happens Next?

We are committed to keeping the church body informed and included in the process. As a part of this commitment, Dr. Ewart will sharing his findings on Sunday, July 21st, during both worship services. And because there may be follow up questions, a Church Family Meeting is schedule for Sunday, July 21 at 5:00pm in the Chapel.  Dr. Ewart, along with Dr. Shaddix, members from the LPST, Church Council, and Church Staff will be available for questions. We encourage you to make plans to hear what Dr. Ewart has to share.

To learn more about Dr. Ewart and the value he is bringing to this process, please click HERE.

We will continue to provide updates from our Lead Pastor Search Team as they become available.


How Long Can We Expect This Interim Season to Last?

The duration for an interim season is unique for each church. However, the “rule of thumb” is that a Church Family should expect one month for every year a Lead Pastor has served the church. With that being said, there is no way to fully know the exact timeline, although we are sensitive to and trust the Holy Spirit’s guidance.

Where Is Info Available During the Search Process?

We will continue to keep an open line of communication with the Church Family. We will continue to update our website, as well as send email updates as they are available.

You may also text "WENOTME" to 95577 to receive updates and notifications to your cell phone.

More Info

For questions regarding this transition time or the pastor search process, email