The Road Ahead

On Sunday, September 23rd, we celebrated Pastor Rob and his family for their 15 years of faithful service to Broadmoor. Their devotion to this church and their courageous obedience toward God’s vision for their future are powerful examples for us to follow as God leads us forward. Rob, Kimandria, Trea, Ridge and Rivers have been a tremendous gift to this church family. We are grateful for them and how God continues to direct their steps as they pursue a new path.

So, what does the road ahead look like for Broadmoor?

In many ways, this question has already been answered by God in His Word. God has commissioned each of us to go and make disciples of all nations. He has commanded us to love Him and love others. Regardless of the season, the mission of the Church remains firm: loved by our heavenly Father, we must unswervingly commit to love God, love people, and be used to change the world around us.

So how do we fulfill this purpose in the midst of change?

The best way to answer this question is WE NOT ME. Unity in the Body and our desire to align our hearts with God’s is essential as we pursue God’s vision for Broadmoor. It’s just that simple. For some of you, that is all you need to move forward, while others are wired with the need to know more practical day-to-day information. And that is okay. We’ve set up this page on website that we hope will provide you with as much clarity as we have thus far. You can expect to find information about our preaching schedule as well as current information on the selection process as we have it updates.  Additionally, we have set up for anyone who would like to ask a question that may not be answered on this website.

We are reminded of the wonderful reality that God is sovereign and in control. He is the Rock on which we stand. During this time, we must remember as long as we remain in Him, He will remain in us. As we expectantly and excitedly walk this road ahead, we want to encourage you to keep your eyes on Him and His promises, and find intentional ways to make this journey about We Not Me.


Who will be speaking on Sunday mornings?

Stan Buckley, Broadmoor Life Group Leader and Executive Director of “But God Ministries”, will take a primary role in preaching while the search for an interim preacher begins. Stan has graciously agreed to serve his Church Family, preaching God’s Word to help us link our arms as we focus on loving others. On Sundays where Stan is unavailable, the message will be brought by guest preachers and members of Broadmoor’s ministry team.

Stan is the founder and Executive Director of But God Ministries and formerly served as Senior Pastor of three churches over a 16 year period.  In addition, he practiced law in Hattiesburg, MS, for four years before becoming a pastor in 1995. His education includes degrees from the University of Southern Mississippi (B.S. 1988), Mississippi College School of Law (J.D. 1991), and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary (M.Div. 1998, D.Min. 2009). Stan has been married to Jewell since 1989, and they have twin sons (1993) and a daughter (1996).

Stan speaks and preaches in a variety of settings throughout the year. He speaks to large groups in churches on Sundays and Wednesdays as well as to civic groups, universities, and other organizations.


How long can we expect this interim season to last?

The duration for an interim season is unique for each church. However, the “rule of thumb” is that a Church Family should expect one month for every year a Lead Pastor has served the church. With that being said, there is no way to fully know the exact timeline, although we are sensitive to and trust the Holy Spirit’s guidance. 

What about a Search Team?

With this year’s adjustments to our governance and operating policies and procedures in mind, the Personnel Team and Church Council are working collaboratively to deliver a thoughtful search process that is Spirit-led, directed by diverse lay-leadership, and responsive to the needs of the Broadmoor Family.

Where is info available during the search process?

We will continue to keep an open line of communication with the Church Family. We have posted Rob’s letter of resignation and his sermons from September 9, 16 and 23 to the website. You will also be able to submit any questions you have to

More Info

For questions regarding this transition time or the pastor search process, email