Broadmoor’s Preschool Ministry is here to walk alongside you while you disciple your child as we help them understand how to follow Jesus, be changed by Jesus, and join Him in His mission to make disciples. We desire to help your child understand that God loves them, God wants them to love Him, and God wants them to love others.

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The Greenhouse (Infants - 3yrs.)

We will have MinistryCare for Babies - 3-year-olds in the 9:30 AM Worship Service and during the 10:45 AM LifeGroup hour. We will ALSO have Lifegroups for K4-K5 at 10:45 AM.

We are excited to welcome our youngest children to the Greenhouse each Sunday morning. We offer MinistryCare for our children during the worship service each Sunday at 9:30 AM. Children are also encouraged to stay in the Greenhouse during the 10:45 AM Life Group hour. We use a variety of teaching methods including art, music, puppets, small group, and large group to teach the Bible story each week.

We desire the Greenhouse to be a place where each child feels safe, secure, and loved. We want even our youngest children to be taught God’s Word in ways that will help them grow strong roots.

Treasure Cove (K4-K5)

3 Biblical Truths children learn while in Treasure Cove:

1. God Loves me
2. God wants me to love Him.
3. God wants me to love others.

We will have MinistryCare for Babies - 3-year-olds in the 9:30 AM Worship Service and during the 10:45 AM LifeGroup hour. We will ALSO have Lifegroups for K4-K5 at 10:45 AM.

These groups meet in Treasure Cove each week during the 10:45 AM hour. Children will attend a class based on their age. Our teachers use a variety of activities, games, and crafts to teach the Bible story each week. Children will also have an opportunity to attend large groups twice a month where we will have music and an emphasis on missions.


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We provide 2 nursing rooms for moms during all worship services. One room is located off the worship center facing the main entrance. It is equipped with everything needed to care for a baby and a video screen is provided so mom can continue to be a part of the service. Another nursing room is available in the Greenhouse.


In order to help provide a safe environment for our preschoolers while they are at church, we ask that you check your child in with our host team each week. A host team member will print a name tag and security tag for your child. Once you have the name tag, please follow the below steps.

1. Place the name tag on your child. The number portion at the top coincides with the number on your child's name tag to ensure the right child goes with the right parent. This is your security tag which you need to show to your child's teacher when you pick him/her up.

2. If your child has an allergy or is potty training we have special stickers at the desk to place on their backs so that the teachers in the room are aware of these things.

3. Take your child to his/her room. Be sure to let the teacher in the room know of any special needs your child may have.

4. To pick up your child, go to their room and show the teacher your security sticker. Be sure to pick up any artwork or take-home pages your child has done that day.


There are several Preschool events scheduled for Summer 2022! To see these events and to register click the button below!

Preschool Events 



Discovery (K4-K5)
We are excited to learn more about missions on Wednesday nights with our preschoolers. Our time together will include learning about and praying for our missionaries as well as opportunities for our preschoolers to be involved in local missions.

Care Zone (Infants – K3.)
Our very youngest children are cared for and loved while parents serve and attend Equipping classes.


The first milestone of Broadmoor's Faith at Home is the dedication of our parents and children to the Lord and His commands. It is expected that parents will attend one parenting class. Even if you have previously attended a Broadmoor parenting class, we ask that you choose a class to attend as the content has changed.

Ministry Care (formerly known as child care) will be provided in the Greenhouse for the parenting classes. Reservations will be required.