International Partners

Broadmoor's International Focus Partners


IMB and Pimbwe Believers

The Pimbwe people are a small unreached tribe of approximately 70,000 people in Tanzania.  They currently have no Bible in their native language and there is virtually no evangelically effort targeting the Pimbwe. 

Broadmoor’s role: Broadmoor has worked with Wyclife Bible translators to support their effort to translate the book of Luke into the Pimbwe language.  In addition, for over 3 years, Broadmoor has sent small teams 3 times a year to share the gospel.  Currently, we are training and discipling several new believers in the village of Ilulangulu with the goal of planting a church. 


IMB Missionary  

Our Partner oversees a team of missionaries who focus on reaching Persians.  Many of the people they work with are immigrants passing through key areas in central Asia, providing an incredible opportunity to reach previously unreached Muslims with the gospel.

Broadmoor’s role: Our partnership will give us an opportunity to support the Missionary’s overall strategy to make disciples.  Through SD Card distribution, hiking into remote areas to share the gospel, to business as missions platforms, Broadmoor can play a significant role in reaching the lost.


FAMM • Kevin Philips 

FAMM disciples, trains and equips new believers to lead a church planting work in South Asia. 

Broadmoor’s role: Compassion Kits are a simple inexpensive box of items that help meet basic needs and open the door to share the gospel. Broadmoor supports Compassion Kit parties which play an integral role in supporting these leader’s efforts to share the gospel and facilitate church planting.


Dr. Shemchyshyn • Ukrainian Baptist Union 

God is raising up a growing army of missionaries from Ukraine who are committed to taking the gospel to the unreached areas of the world.  Ukrainian Baptist seminaries have developed mission schools/programs to train and equip these missionaries.   

Broadmoor’s role: Through our partnership with Dr. Shemchyshyn, Vice President of the UBU overseeing the missions division, we are in position to support these missionaries through financial gifts, encouragement, and prayer.


Floyd Vandeburgh • Latin America Director for Strategic Impact International

Additional International Partners

Kokou Loko

Pastor, Church Planter

Togo, West Africa

Stan Buckley

Executive Director, But God Ministries


Samson Dorelien

Pastor, Cote Plage Baptist Church


Phil Wright

Pastor, The Cellar Church

Ellesmere, England

Clay Hubbard

Campus Outreach


Matt Williams

IMB, Southeast Asia

Stephen and Holly Wright

IMB, Southeast Asia

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