Governing Documents


Conflict of Interest Policy

This document is a written conflict of interest policy that will apply to all Team Members (Church Council, Personnel, Finance), Deacons, and our entire Church staff, as well.  




While Broadmoor is first and foremost a church governed by the authority of the Bible, we are also a non-profit corporation under Mississippi law. Consequently, our bylaws describe in detail the internal workings of the church in response to our governing values and requirements. The bylaws document attempts to clearly state Broadmoor’s boundaries and expectations that exist to ensure the smooth operation of the church within the law.

Broadmoor Bylaws 


Informational Questions Regarding the Bylaws:

What are the most significant changes in these Bylaws?
There is one significant change in the proposed new Bylaws; the creation of a Church Council.

What was the approval process?
This work has been undertaken over the course of 2017, with the goal of improving the effectiveness of Broadmoor's ministries and mission work. The changes were initially proposed by the members of our Deacon Executive Council, then affirmed by our Deacon body, members of personnel and finance teams, and senior ministry staff. The Broadmoor Family affirmed the new Bylaws on February 18, 2018, in both morning worship services.

What is the role of the Church Council?
The Church Council will serve as the authoritative board of directors for Broadmoor. They will be responsible for administrative decisions as they relate to the church.

Who serves on the Church Council?
The church will elect the Church Council. In order to mirror the rich diversity of our Church Family, the Church Council will be comprised of pastors and lay members, and both men and women.

What are the qualifications to serve on the Church Council?
Church Council members must meet the following criteria, as established in the Bylaws. They must be:

  • Recognized spiritual leaders within the Church.
  • Committed disciples of Jesus Christ in every aspect of their personal, professional and private lives.
  • Committed to their families, fulfilling their Biblical roles and responsibilities.
  • Committed to the ministry of the Church in worship, ministry and life stewardship.
  • Aware of and supportive of the vision statement, the mission statement and ministry values of the Church.
  • Passionate about living out the Great Commandments and fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Willing to serve as faithful representatives of the Lord and the Church and willing to resign without hesitation if involved in any practice, behavior or attitude that would bring dishonor to the Lord or the Church.
  • Willing to follow the Biblical teaching of supporting, protecting, encouraging and following the leadership of the Lead Pastor and ministerial staff, working with a prayerful spirit of cooperation, consensus building and a view to building up the Body of Christ.
  • Honest, letting their "yes" be "yes" and their "no" be "no."
  • Possessed of such spiritual gifts as leadership, administration, discernment, wisdom, encouragement and faith.
  • Willing to commit sufficient time to regularly meet with each other, the ministry staff and other lay leaders and to participate in leadership development and team building opportunities.
  • Willing to recognize and enthusiastically support the many ministries of the Church.
  • Willing to set aside personal agendas to prayerfully seek God's direction for the Church, both in the present and in the future.
  • Team players, capable of listening to and learning from the insights and opinions of others.
  • Willing to seek consensus.

Who will be the clear line of authority for Broadmoor?
Men serving on the Church Council, who meet the Biblical qualifications as established in Titus 1:5-9, 1 Timothy 3:1-7, and 1 Peter 5:1-4, will serve as the clear line of authority. They will be responsible for all decisions related to doctrine, direction, and discipline.

What is the role of the Deacons?
We will continue to have an active deacon body that will work collectively as a group of men to serve, unify, and lead our congregation in all areas of ministry.

Is there a timeline for next steps?

  • Sunday, February 18, 2018 – The Broadmoor Family approved the Bylaws in both morning worship services.
  • Sunday, March 4, 2018 – A congregational vote on Church Council nominations will take place in both morning worship services.