Broadmoor's Mission Vision

Broadmoor seeks to be a launching pad for disciples to go throughout the world to share the gospel and make more disciples. We work to develop partnerships locally, across our country, and unto the ends of the earth.

Broadmoor's Missions Giving Strategy

We have three components to our Missions Giving Strategy

• The Cooperative Program
The Cooperative Program is a financial channel of cooperation between the state conventions and the Southern Baptist Convention. The essence of the Cooperative Program is to fulfill the Great Commission. Jesus’ command to witness in Jerusalem, in Judea, in Samaria, and the uttermost parts of the earth were not optional, but mandatory. State conventions receive the offerings and work together with the Southern Baptist Convention to provide ministries that call out, educate, and deploy missionaries around the world. In Mississippi, state mission causes are supported by the 2,000+ churches in our state. Worldwide mission causes are supported by gifts from almost 45,000 churches across the Southern Baptist Convention. A portion of our missions budget goes to support the Cooperative Program.  For more information about the Cooperative Program, click HERE.


Broadmoor Missions, including support for our Focus Partners
Over the course of time, the Broadmoor Missions Leadership team identified strategic mission partnerships locally, nationally, and internationally. We support these partnerships in several different ways, including prayer, sending teams, and financial support. A portion of the Broadmoor Missions budget goes to support these strategic partnerships. 

Click below to access information about our Local, North American, and International Partnerships. 

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Special Offerings 
Periodically throughout the year, we will collect special offerings to support initiatives that our church has identified as a priority. These include Annie Armstrong, Orphan Care, Margaret Lackey, Lottie Moon, and Community Care. These special offerings are in addition to the amount included in the Ministry Budget. For more information on these special offerings, click on one of the initiatives listed below.



Everything you need in one place.

Interested in what mission trips are currently available? Are you a team leader and need resources? Do you want to keep in touch with teams currently on the field? Want to sign up for a trip? Click below for details. 

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Women's Missions

Click below for information on the women's missions that are available. 

Women's Missions