Faith @ Home High School

Faith At Home Initiative

At Broadmoor, we are taking solid steps toward a parent and family-driven ministry model that is biblical and effective. Our goal is that parents and the church work together as we make disciples and encourage the next generation to Follow Jesus, Be Changed by Jesus, and Join Him in His mission to make disciples. Coming along side families during key significant transition moments (Milestones) is one way we seek to accomplish this goal. 


Milestones are key markers and natural transition times in the life of a student. We want to make the most of these critical moments with our students and their families.

The Promise - Students are led to understand our identity in Christ and the impact our relationship with Him has on our lives. The milestone is a specific promise of personal purity.

The Drive - The driver’s license serves as a reminder that students are approaching the independence and responsibilities of adulthood. Parents are encouraged to bless their student, verbalize new expectations, and transfer legacy.

The Launch - As students graduate from high school and launch into their next steps of adulthood, parents provide continued blessings and the recognition that their child has a call to go and make disciples