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What Has Made Some Songs So Potent?

By Terry Winch (Associate of Instrumental Music & Special Projects)

Taking full responsibility for being the “elder statesman” on our worship team, I love when go beyond our incredible wealth of newer worship songs into less familiar territory.


I’m speaking of songs that PRECEDE our present, wonderful diet of deeply important and worshipful songs—just to examine what made some of those earlier songs so potent and relevant.


One of those songs, for example, is a song called “The Savior is Waiting.” When I first heard this song I had been a believer for a few years but was finding myself searching for that first love Revelation 2:4 explains is something we can begin to walk away from. The lyrics of this song simply, but unforgettably, remind me that He is always waiting to enter the deepest parts of our faith. The chorus echoes the thought that time after time He has been waiting for us to respond and He will continue to wait, with open arms, within the free will He allows us to exercise, until we choose full surrender to Him.


A second pivotal song in my life, employing the elements that make for a great song, is called “Quiet Place.” It serves as an amazing reminder of the great value of walking with the the Lord in a moment-by-moment sense. The song says we are just one blink away from entering a spiritual quiet place, far from the rapid pace of life, where God can soothe our troubled mind and heart. A beautiful byproduct of a journey into that quiet place is that IN that place, He can set us on a course that aids us as we face each new day and each new challenge with love and hope.


A third song from that same era is called “In This Very Room.” It speaks of a soul that has been empowered by the Lord, along with the combined power of a room full of similarly empowered souls. The takeaway lyric that says so much, tells us there is quite enough hope, joy, and power available to FILL us because He is in this very room. Practicing that presence of God is a glorious way to live!

Practicing that presence of God is a glorious way to live!


All three of these melodies are beautiful and compelling to ears of any age, and when simply read as poems, convey such solid, helpful, and life changing insights that there is a timeless quality and value to each of them.

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