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A Look At Rehearsals

By Terry Winch (Associate of Instrumental Music & Special Projects)


What can sound like a dry routine, or “that thing” at the end of a difficult work day for our volunteer teams, can end up being a revitalizing musical and spiritual experience.

As a leader, in order to make a rehearsal is fulfilling for everyone involved, you need to have strong intentionality and preparation, as well as a commitment to making certain each volunteer goes home having been fed musically and spiritually.

Here at Broadmoor, we try to plan each rehearsal with several elements:

  • Prayer: Pray an opening blessing over the rehearsal at the moment of the stated rehearsal start time.
  • Music: Then, start the music on time, even if there will be some folks showing up later. Eventually a prompt starting time will tighten up everybody’s punctuality once they KNOW you really DO start on time.
  • Devotional: Find a time, once some musical momentum has been created, to pause for a devotional breather.
    • This could be reflecting on the song or songs just played or the songs that will follow after the devotional.
    • Another idea could be a brief reading from Scripture or a significant quote or paragraph from a book that has been an eye-opener for you. Something like that can be a fresh moment for them too.
    • Always keep the truth that they are all leading worship, not just playing their instrument.  
    • Help everybody there to realize that each breath, bowing, strumming, percussive moment, or whatever their contribution is, can be passionately offered to their God and Savior. By sheer repetition, help that truth to eventually become their own truth.  This is not a band concert or recital. This is a true offering to our very REAL Lord. Keep reminding them of that since it is 100% what the aim of our efforts should be as a group playing joyfully and skillfully to God.
  • Closing Prayer: Leave enough time at the end for a reminder to pray daily for the coming Sunday, speak their prayer requests, pray for their prayer requests and dismiss ON TIME.

At Broadmoor, there are two of us who co-lead the rehearsals. One of us is from the rhythm section point of view and one is from the strings, horns, woodwind, and percussion point of view. We play completely through a song or set and then collectively explain improvements.

Most of those improvements don’t require going back through the entire song again. Often times, all that is needed is a verbal explination of a few spots that need tightening up.

What we get to do every week as instrumentalists remains an opportunity not afforded to many in other parts of the world where freedom to worship is gone. Taking that into account, we need to lovingly convince our players that each time we are together is a gift that God allows us to offer back to Him.

Posted by David Leonard at 11:00 AM
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