COVID-19 Update

Broadmoor's Response to COVID-19

Over the past couple of weeks, we, as a country, have found ourselves in unchartered territory. Thoughts about the impact of the COVID-19 virus have been at the forefront of most people’s minds and conversations. For many, it presents uncertainties, and those uncertainties can often lead to fear. But here is the calming, guiding truth to remember through all of this: we have a loving God who is in control of all things.  He always has been, and He always will be. Because of this, we can have peace. 

Broadmoor is committed to carrying out our mission to make disciples.  We are also committed to providing a safe environment for you and your family. Your Church Council, along with your church staff, have been in constant conversations this week to best determine the safest way to continue to minister, while still honoring and respecting the requests made by our local and national governing authorities. Decisions we are making are not made out of panic, but rather out of an abundance of caution to prevent any further spread of the COVID-19 virus.  In light of these things, Broadmoor has made the following decisions: 

Sunday Morning Worship
In supporting our local school system’s decision to suspend classes through April 17, we are going to continue gathering online only through April 19, 2020. We are looking forward to Dr. Shaddix sharing a special message with us on Easter Sunday.

Sunday Morning Lifegroups

Now more than ever, we need to connect with others. You can connect with a Life Group or ask about starting a new Life Group by going HERE.

Wednesday Evenings 

We will not meet on campus on Wednesday evenings. We are in the process of setting up online groups and equipping opportunities and will provide more information as these plans are completed. 

Other Events and Gatherings 

All Broadmoor-sponsored gatherings, such as ESL, Manna, or MOPS, will not meet on campus. 

Church Offices

Broadmoor’s Church Office (601.898.2345) will remain open during our usual business hours, but we are reducing our staff presence on campus. As our church staff members work remotely, they will continue to serve our congregation and equip all of us to meet the needs of our community.  

Weekday Preschool and MDO 

We are suspending both programs for the remainder of the school year. While it was not an easy decision to make, we believe that it is the best course of action to safeguard families and our community.


As you would expect, we will continue to assess our decisions as the situation evolves over the next few weeks.  

Please remember to keep the following people in your prayers: 

     1.    Those impacted by the COVID-19 virus. 

     2.    Local, Statewide, National, and International leaders. 

     3.    Local churches establishing new norms for ministry.     

Again, our decisions have not been entered into lightly, but are the result of many conversations determining the appropriate balance between our ability to carry out our mission of making disciples and our responsibility to protect our church family and the community around us. Our worship experience may have changed slightly but our mission has not. We will continue to be a church committed to following Jesus, being changed by Jesus, and following Him in His mission to make disciples.  

Our LifeGroups leaders and ministry staff are working together to develop creative ways to use technology to keep us connected. I am asking you to join me in leveraging these unexpected circumstances by being creative in how we further become the church by personally committing to next steps: 

  • Following Jesus | How will you pursue deeper intimacy with Jesus?  

  • Being Changed by Jesus | How will you engage fear and cynicism in your heart? 

  • Joining Him in His Mission | As a disciple-maker and church member, how will you be creative and devoted with your resources to care for your neighbors (e.g, Life Group, friends, and those in your neighborhood)?  

Finally, if you begin to experience symptoms of an illness, please follow the instructions from the CDC. Then please keep our staff updated so we can serve you and your family. 

Following, Being Changed, and Joining Him, 

Neil Marsh
Executive Pastor of Ministry