Church Council

Church Council As Defined By Bylaws

  • Directors shall hold office for the term for which they were elected or until their successors have been duly elected and qualify.
  • Of the total membership, nine (9) to eleven (11) shall be lay members. Four (4) Council members shall be from the ministerial staff, including the Lead Pastor, the Executive Pastor of Ministry, the Executive Pastor of Business Administration, and one at-large member of the senior ministerial staff as determined by the Church Council (including ministerial members).
  • All members of the Church Council shall be fully voting members and shall have equal rights and obligations, including the Chair.
  • The Chair of the Church Council shall be a lay leader selected by a vote of the Church Council.
  • Lay members shall, so far as practical, serve staggered, six (6) year terms. One-third of the Church Council lay membership is to be replaced every two (2) years.
  • Lay members shall not be appointed to successive terms, but any lay member may serve an unlimited number of non-successive terms.

Current Church Council Members

Josh Braddy
Age: 37 •  Spouse: Katie
Member Since: 2020
Ongoing Term as Lead Pastor
Rick Adams
Age: 61 •  Spouse: Amy
Member Since: 1997
6 Year Term (ends 2028)
Jonathan Ford
Age: 35  •  Spouse: Sara
Member Since: 2011
6 Year Term (Ends 2026)
Mike Haight
Age: 49 •  Spouse: Lori
Member Since: 2009
2 Year Term (ends 2024)
DeAnne Hegi
Age: 58  •  Spouse: Joe
Member Since: 1988
4 Year Term (Ends 2024)
Steve Hendrix
Age: 61  •  Spouse: Melinda
Member Since: 1988
4 year Term (Ends 2024)
Jayne Hust
Age: 64  •  Spouse: Jim
Member Since: 1964
6 Year Team (Ends 2026)
Lorry King
Age: 52  •  Spouse: Earl
Member Since: 2014
6 Year Term (Ends 2026)
Neil Marsh
Age: 46  •  Spouse: Jennifer
Member Since: 2013
Ongoing Term as Executive Pastor of Ministries
Charles Morris
Age: 62 •  Spouse: Debbie
Member Since: 1992
6 Year Term (ends 2028)
Steve Mulhollen
Age: 46  •  Spouse: Emily
Member Since: 2004
Ongoing Term as Executive Pastor of Business Administration
Ben Pace
Age: 60  •  Spouse: Kay
Member Since: 2006
4 Year Term (ends 2024)
Suzanne Sullivan
Age: 51 •  Spouse: James
Member Since: 2000
6 Year Term (ends 2028)
Thomas Watson
Age: 38  •  Spouse: Kendra
Member Since: 2015
4 Year Term (Ends 2024)
Sharon VanDeburgh
Age: 70  •  Spouse: Floyd
Member Since: 2011
6 Year Term (Ends 2026)

Broadmoors Bylaws

To access Broadmoor's Bylaws, click HERE.

Helpful Information for the Selection

Selection Guidance

The following is a list of Church Council Search Team guiding points for consideration and discussion in no particular order of importance:

1. Provide complete and full orientation to the Search Team including written materials regarding Church Council culture, role, responsibilities, and operating procedures before the process begins. Materials should include at least the following (i) the Team Covenant, (ii) an Overview of Church Council Operating Procedures, (iii) a copy of this Guidance list, (iv) Church Council Governance Manual together with selected provisions relating to Church Council selection separately noted on pages 10-15, (v) selected provisions of the Bylaws relating the Church Council qualifications and selection (Sections 4.3, 4.3 and 4.5), and (vi) the Conflict of Interest Policy. Have at least three (3) Church Council members (nondesignees) participate in the orientation.

2. Joint meeting with Search Team and Church Council to allow Search Team to ask any questions, especially regarding roles, operations, and needs of Church Council, including the needs, strengths, and weaknesses of the current members of Church Council and the timing and impact of their respective remaining terms regarding the same including gender and male headship discussions. Promote a unified team philosophy, we are all in this together with a common goal.

3. Promote an open channel of communication between the Search Team and Church Council at all times. It is acceptable to ask questions to Church Council at any time during the process. However, it is not recommended or acceptable for individual members of either the Search Team or Church Council to have undisclosed one-on-one conversations regarding individual candidates or the selection process. Create a safe place for open communications. Trust and value of all. The preference for any such discussions is to have a joint meeting of the Church Council and the Selection Team to avoid miscommunications.

4. Require the Search Team to select a chair and vice-chair from the lay leadership, not Church Council members.

5. Understand the voting process for approval by the Search Team – strive for consensus but in no event less than 75% - 6 of the 8 should be incomplete, unwavering agreement. If it is a 5-3 vote, then continue prayer and allow for further discussion. It is encouraged to call a time-out and table a vote to allow time for prayer and reflection before revisiting the issue or question. It is also ok to go back to a candidate or Church Council for clarification of any point of concern before revisiting the vote or decision.

6. No Search Team member should check his or her personal knowledge at the door. In other words, the Search Team should not be limited by the written responses to any questions or by the information shared in a candidate interview. Also, do not be overly impressed by the oratory, written, or verbal skills of a candidate. Note do not assume that the pre-screening by BBC equals deciding that the person qualifies under the Bylaw qualification guidelines. Search Team has responsibility for a full vetting of all nominees and their spouses, if any, regarding whether they satisfy the qualifications. The Search Team in the vetting and selection process should consider the needs and skill sets of the remaining members of the Church Council together with the then policies, procedures, objectives, and responsibilities of the Church Council in order to evaluate the best fit for Church Council. The relative experiences, knowledge, expertise, and skill of the potential candidates should be considered.

7. Discuss Bylaw qualifications and a better understanding of the qualifications especially regarding divorce and Elder Matters. Discuss distinctions between Deacon qualifications and Church Council qualifications. Answer all questions regarding the same. But do not alter or override the Bylaw qualifications in any case or situation.

8. Discuss timing and sequencing of the vetting process and interviews in a manner to promote respect and dignity to all of the candidates whether nominated, chosen to interview or ultimately whether or not a person is asked to serve as a member of Church Council.

9. Understand Sequencing - Allow time for the selected candidates to review the informational materials and then meet Church Council to better understand Church Council and its role, policies, procedures, objectives, and responsibilities before a candidate is asked to commit. If requested, allow candidates the opportunity to directly ask Church Council any questions they desire.

10. Search Team should be cautioned to not overly sell or try to convince candidates that they should serve. Provide complete and accurate information, answer any and all questions without leading or directing the candidates either way. Try to be neutral and let the candidate make the choice after prayer and reflection.

11. Search Team cannot allow a conditional acceptance or an acceptance with limitations or restrictions without the prior consent and approval of the Church Council. Candidates should be all in, fully committed without reservations or conditions that conflict with the Church Council’s needs or the then policies, procedures, roles, and responsibilities of the Church Council.

12. Fully vet including an interview of all of Church Council’s selection of search team members for bias, personal motives, or conflicts, including both lay, minister, and Church Council designees. Including conflicts with immediate family regarding potential nominees. Consider age and experience of Search Team including their relative involvement in BBC ministries.

13. Church Council designees represent the interest of the Church Council and should fully participate in all discussions with their full knowledge of the Church Council and any relevant facts. They are primarily there to represent Church Council, with their personal views in the background. Church Council designees should not attempt to control but they should feel free to provide input and influence no different than any other member of the Search Team.

14. Discuss the pre-screening process regarding both giving and any other known limitations or points of concern.

15. Beyond any doubt and regardless of anything else, promote and exercise at all times healthy Biblical principles of engagement and discussion. Remember to commit to and act consistently with the principles outlined in our Team Covenant. Respect, honor, and value others above yourself!

General Overview of Church Council Operating Procedures – July 2021

Click HERE for the document.