Church Council

Qualifications for Church Council Members

  • Recognized spiritual leaders within the Church.
  • Committed disciples of Jesus Christ in every aspect of their personal, professional and private lives.
  • Committed to their families, fulfilling their Biblical roles and responsibilities.
  • Committed to the ministry of the Church in worship, ministry and life stewardship.
  • Aware of and supportive of the vision statement, the mission statement and ministry values of the Church.
  • Passionate about living out the Great Commandments and fulfilling the Great Commission.
  • Willing to serve as faithful representatives of the Lord and the Church and willing to resign without hesitation if involved in any practice, behavior or attitude that would bring dishonor to the Lord or the Church.
  • Willing to follow the Biblical teaching of supporting, protecting, encouraging and following the leadership of the Lead Pastor and ministerial staff, working with a prayerful spirit of cooperation, consensus building and a view to building up the Body of Christ.
  • Honest, letting their “yes” be “yes” and their “no” be “no.”
  • Possessed of such spiritual gifts as leadership, administration, discernment, wisdom, encouragement and faith.
  • Willing to commit sufficient time to regularly meet with each other, the ministry staff and other lay leaders and to participate in leadership development and team building opportunities.
  • Willing to recognize and enthusiastically support the many ministries of the Church.
  • Willing to set aside personal agendas to prayerfully seek God’s direction for the Church, both in the present and in the future.
  • Team players, capable of listening to and learning from the insights and opinions of others.
  • Willing to seek consensus.

Church Council As Defined By Bylaws

  • Directors shall hold office for the term for which they were elected or until their successors have been duly elected and qualify.
  • Of the total membership, nine (9) to eleven (11) shall be lay members. Four (4) Council members shall be from the ministerial staff, including the Lead Pastor, the Executive Pastor of Ministry, the Executive Pastor of Business Administration, and one at-large member of the senior ministerial staff as determined by the Church Council (including ministerial members).
  • All members of the Church Council shall be fully voting members and shall have equal rights and obligations, including the Chair.
  • The Chair of the Church Council shall be a lay leader selected by a vote of the Church Council.
  • Lay members shall, so far as practical, serve staggered, six (6) year terms. Staggering of terms shall not commence until 2019 to ensure continuity during the transition to the new leadership structure. One-third of the Church Council lay membership is to be replaced every two (2) years.
  • Lay members shall not be appointed to successive terms, but any lay member may serve an unlimited number of non-successive terms.

Current Church Council Members

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