Church Council Members

Many qualified individuals have been recommended for Broadmoor’s Church Council since the nomination process began on January 28, 2018. As affirmed by the Deacon Body, a Selection Team was established to review nominations and select a slate of individuals to serve as Broadmoor’s first Church Council, consistent with our Bylaws.

The Church Council is to be comprised of Ministerial Staff and Lay Leaders (both men and women), serving as the Board of Directors. The Church Council is primarily tasked with administrative decisions as they relate to the church. Members of the Church Council are elected by members of the Broadmoor Family and are composed of fifteen members. Men serving on the Church Council, who meet the Biblical qualifications as established in Titus 1:5-9, 1 Timothy 1:3-7, and 1 Peter 5:1-4, will serve as the clear line of authority.  They will be responsible for all decisions related to doctrine, direction, and discipline. On March 4, 2018, the Broadmoor Family approved the following members to serve on the Church Council.

Pepper Carter

Age: 46  •  Spouse: Allan
Staff Member: 15 Years
Minister of Next Generation Discipleship & Communications




DeAnne Hegi

Age: 54  •  Spouse: Joe
Member: 29 Years
Lay Leader




Steve Hendrix

Age: 57  •  Spouse: Melinda
Member: 29 Years
Lay Leader




Neil Marsh

Age: 42  •  Spouse: Jennifer
Staff Member: 4.5 Years
Executive Pastor of Ministry




Tom McDonnell

Age: 55  •  Spouse: Jana
Member: 30 Years
Lay Leader




Lee Miller

Age: 60  •  Spouse: Mary
Member: 32 Years
Lay Leader




Steve Mulhollen

Age: 42  •  Spouse: Emily
Staff Member: 4 Months
Executive Pastor of Business Administration




Ben Pace

Age: 56  •  Spouse: Kaye
Member: 11 Years
Lay Leader




Gray Pace

Age: 43  •  Spouse: Trey
Member: 11 Years
Lay Leader




Sam Riden

Age: 36  •  Spouse: Kelly Jo
Member: 6 Years
Lay Leader




James Rigney

Age: 57  •  Spouse: Ann
Member: 35 Years
Lay Leader




Diane Smith

Age: 77
Member: 36 Years
Lay Leader




Chuck Stewart

Age: 56  •  Spouse: Robin
Member: 8 Years
Lay Leader




Thomas Watson

Age: 34  •  Spouse: Kendra
Member: 19 Years
Lay Leader