About Broadmoor
Baptist Church

For God’s Glory and the Good of Our Communities

Our Mission

We are a united family of faith joining Jesus on His Mission for the glory of God and the good of our communities.

Our Values

We Submit to God’s Word

The Bible is the good news of Jesus and the authority for all areas of life because of its power to transform and shape us from the inside out.

We Pursue Reconciliation

Just as we have been reconciled to God through Jesus, we are called to be ambassadors of the grace, forgiveness, and reconciliation that was shown to us, bringing God’s compassion and healing power into a broken world.

We Equip Disciple Makers

We equip every generation to walk alongside others so they move from simply believing in Christ to being mature disciples who make disciples.

We Run to the Hurting

Our community actively looks to serve those struggling on any level. Whether in the seat next to us or on the streets around us, we are not passive in serving those in need.

We Cultivate Real Relationships

When we live life alongside fellow believers, we are able to know and be known, giving and receiving the encouragement necessary to live out our calling and witness in this world.

We Live Generously

We strive to be a community that models God’s love through tangible expressions of generosity that bless people and bring glory to God.

A Place to Call Home

Broadmoor is a safe place
where you can discover how to
join Jesus on His mission.

Growing Through Shared Experiences

God works through the shared experiences of worship, groups, and service as the Holy Spirit aligns our hearts to experience a faith-filled life.

As you navigate your journey with Jesus, we invite you into:


Join with others and discover the joy of elevating the glory of God rather than promoting the value of self.


Gather with a family of others learning to unite around Jesus’ priorities rather than divisive preferences.


Rally with a team to accomplish a shared goal that serves others’ needs rather than individual wants.

Growing Through the Highest Daily Pursuit

Abiding in Jesus fuels the work of the Holy Spirit.

What does it mean to abide in Jesus? It’s about personally spending time in spiritual practices with Jesus rather than performing for Jesus.

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