Weekly Experiences

Sunday Mornings

Sunday Mornings provide students with an opportunity to to attend a Life Group with their peers at both corporate worship hours, 9:15 AM & 10:45 AM. Our goal for our Student Life Groups is that each student will connect weekly, and throughout the year with a small group of their peers, a discipling adult, and with God’s word. We believe your discipling of your student in your home combined with your student’s experiences in worship and in the community of Life Group will form the foundation of the growth as a disciple. 

Time and Location

9:15AM |  High School Life Groups for Grades 9-12 | Student Floor (3rd Floor Faith)
9:15AM | Middle School Life Group for Grades 6-8 | Hangar (ROC)

10:30AM | Middle School Life Group for Grades 6-8 | Student Floor (3rd Floor Faith)

Wednesday Nights 

WAYPOINT for Grades 6-8 • 6-7:30PM
Begins on Student Floor (3rd Floor Faith) and Finishes in the ROC

Collective Middle School Student Fellowship & Worship |  Waypoint begins at 6PM. Worship will be up front ending around 7:15PM. Activities including the “Brand New” game room and gym will be available until 8PM.

PRIME for Grades 9-12 • 7-8PM
Student Floor (3rd Floor Faith)
Collective High School Student Fellowship & Worship | The Student floor will open at 6PM Wednesdays to allow students time to enjoy the newly renovated Student space. There will also be activities and an incredible concession stand featuring milkshakes and gourmet coffee drinks. Prime Worship will begin at 7PM.